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Sleepy Hollow eBook (turn pages at corners)

This is an ebook I designed that is fully functional on the Kindle or Nook.
I chose Sleepy Hollow because I really love the imagery involved in the story,
and knew it would be an interesting topic. I started with designing the cover,
then brought the text into InDesign, made all of the illustrations, and worked
with the HTML in Dreamweaver. After finishing the design in Dreamweaver,
I exported a mobi file and uploaded it to a kindle to see the working file in action.


Sleepy Hollow eBook Trailer

This trailer was designed to provide the viewer with incentive to buy the
Sleepy Hollow eBook. The overall mood of the story is very gloomy and dark,
so I wanted to communicate that by using dark colors and grungy typography.
The audio for the trailer is taken from the trailer for Tim Burton’s adaptation,
“Sleepy Hollow”, released in 1999. The trailer is intense and foreboding,
and I felt like it represented the book itself very accurately.


Braveheart Kinetic Typography

My favorite scene from the movie Braveheart is William Wallace’s
famous “freedom” speech, so I decided to make a typographic animation of
the whole scene. To capture the aesthetic of the movie, I decided to incorporate
some textural backgrounds, landscape photography, and even photography
directly from the movie. The goal of the animation is
to convey the energy of the speech.


Hey there! Let me tell you a little about myself.

My Experience
I’m currently working as a graphic designer for Tier10 Marketing, an advertising agency in Herndon, VA. I graduated from James Madison University with a BFA in Graphic Design, and I’m proficient with Adobe Creative Suite CS6. I have experience in branding, poster design, magazine layout, t-shirt design, album art, web design, ebook design, and also screen printing and illustration.

My Interests
Design! Making music, running, Italian food, watching strange psychological thrillers, and touring with my band, The August Exchange.

My Mission
I enjoy finding solutions to design problems in the most effective and beautiful way possible. I’ve learned that there is a balance between form and function, that my work needs to be visually engaging as well as fully functional. My mission is to make a genuine impact on the world through design.

Self Portrait


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